In The Fall

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In The Fall
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Many thanks are extended to those who have been trying to keep abreast of issues and developing the technologies which will be examined in detail in this story.

All medical or biologic concepts herein described are, where not presently under patent or copyright protection, to be considered as either the intellectual property of T.J. Hardman, Jr, or as extant espionage tools not protected by either patent or copyright law.

All menuing systems described herein, especially motion-control menuing systems, where not already under patent or copyright protection, should be considered the intellectual property of T.J. Hardman, Jr and are not to be duplicated in any manner whatsoever without direct contractual consent. Insofar as it is implied, all due credit is to be given to the pioneers of voice-recognition systems, particularly International Business Machines (IBM). All described original inventions and modifications to extant simple technologies, or combinations of advanced extant technologies into new systems are to be considered the intellectual property of T.J. Hardman, Jr. and may not be marketed for profit without contractual arrangements.

Some of the predicted icon-based task-programming systems are conceptually similar to a display motif of a product of the Khoral Research, Inc., called 'khoros', although to my knowledge, their scientific dataprocessing and visualization system was developed completely independently of my own concepts.

It should be noted that most of the technologies herein predicted, as regards networked computing, especially crossplatform miniapplications, antedate the copyright and web-mounting of this novel. I appear the "have done an Arthur C. Clarke.