Thomas J. Hardman, Jr

thardman [at]

This site is now accessible via IPv6. We use IPv6-in-IPv4 with a "FreeNet6" tunnel provided by GoGoNet (Go6).

Perhaps you'd like to see the Aspen Hill, Maryland, wiki.

On December 12, 2008, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted me US Patent 7,464,403. This regards an invention in the field of computing and dataprocessing, "Secure Mobile Office Wireless Local-Area Network Application Integration Package Running from CDROM".

Please see our Product Information Website.

Please take a look at my LinkedIn profile and resume. Short and sweet, I build computers and install and configure Linux, NetBSD or other UNIX-like operating systems.

Perhaps you would like to see some boring router traffic statistics for both my world-routable and local-area networks.